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Tender Procurement

Finding the right Contractor is essential to ensuring a smooth build. We will manage the tender process for you – issuing tender packs to the most suitable Contractors within our extensive approved supplier list and will clarify, analyse and compare returned tenders before producing our recommendations for appointment.

We work with architects

Whitebeam regularly work alongside architects in delivering this service. Sometimes the architects’ appointment may end once the plans have been approved or once construction plans are completed, and Clients engage our services to take their project through the next stage – which is critical. Either way, so many projects can become, at best, difficult, at worst, fail, because of a simple misunderstanding as to what the tender price includes.

We review tender packs

We review the information available, clarify and add to it to create tender packs which make sure that the contractors tendering know exactly what they should be allowing for and there are no gaps in the scope of work expected. Even if some work may still be undefined, clearly defined provisions are included to ensure that tenders submitted are complete and can be compared confidently against budget. This process ensures that, once tenders are received, they are consummate and comparable with others.

Our clients have confidence

Time spent at this stage not only allows the Client confidence in the price of their project but also avoids disputes and delays during the build and allows both the client and contractor to enter into a build agreement with certainty.

Having Whitebeam on the team was one of the best decisions we made for our project. Having someone we knew we could trust and who was looking at things from our perspective was invaluable, and the fact that everything ran so smoothly was in no small part thanks to Dan! He took care of all the contract stuff, was detailed and meticulous, and easy and friendly to work with. Behind every smooth-running building project there’s a Dan Holloway!

Nick Parker - Goring, Oxford