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Project Management

Offered as an extension to Contract Administration, our Construction Project Management service provides a professional, proactive, on-site presence to oversee all aspects of the build, and ensure the project is delivered on time and within budget. We will engage more regularly with the Contractor and Client and be hands-on to maintain programme, consider options and liaise closely with all parties to achieve best outcome in all aspects of the scheme. We can be employed for this function as part of a Project Facilitation engagement or as a standalone appointment.


The 'hands-on' approach

Whitebeam regularly provide this service for Clients who may wish to be ‘hands-off’ the build process, who have no experience of the ‘physical’ process of building projects, who may be remote and unavailable or who simply wish for an experienced organisation to oversee the project for them.

Assisting the client

Primarily we find that providing this function greatly assists with forward planning the work stages, avoiding mis-understandings, identifying potential issues early-on, concluding and planning undefined work, understanding the consequential effects of changes, identifying and mitigating areas of potential delay, processing valuations, quantifying variations and being better placed to consider contractor claims.

Whitebeam has provided cost planning and contract administration services for us over a considerable time. Their expertise and input are precious to our clients and us, both in terms of providing accurate cost plans at the design stage of projects and later, during the tender and build processes. We rely on Dan for his attention to detail and thoroughness, which means that very little goes without scrutiny, all helping to ensure that unexpected problems do not occur during our builds. The role of contract administrator is not an easy one, but Dan administrates and manages all parties to the construction contract fairly and reasonably, via a service that is personable and professional at all times. In this manner, problems are overcome with a can-do approach, final accounts are expertly managed, quality is monitored, and projects are realised in line with client expectations. We would not hesitate to recommend Whitebeams services.

Kate Cooper - Absolute Architecture Newbury, Berkshire