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Hiring a project manager for your building project

Date iconPosted on 31 Jan 2019

A skilled and experienced project manager will save you time, money and stress if they do their job correctly.

It’s estimated that up to 90% of unmanaged building projects in the UK overspend by an average of 20% of the original budget. This can be a huge cost to families who have carefully budgeted for the renovation of their family home and can cause a great deal of stress, upset and financial worry. On a £150,000 extension or refurbishment, this could mean an extra £30,000 of costs that weren’t planned for.

It’s easy to see the benefits of using a project manager when it comes to money. Their job is to guide you through the whole process, provide relevant advice and support, and ensure that the project is finished to the highest standard, on time – and most importantly – on budget.

Cost will always be a consideration, so make sure when contacting your project manager that you make it part of the conversation from the very start.

At Whitebeam, we are passionate about delivering great homes. We are highly experienced project managers and have many years’ experience providing a professional, proactive, on-site presence to oversee all aspects of the build. We aim to ensure that every project we’re involved with is delivered on time and within budget.

We engage with the contractor and client regularly to ensure we are hands-on, considering all options and liaising with all parties involved to achieve the best outcome for our clients and their projects.

For more information, contact us on hello@whitebeam.consulting or call 01635 728000.